What Do Memphians Think About Pornography?

In 2000 a local marketing firm, Etheridge and Associates, conducted a survey among Memphians to assess how they feel about pornography and strip clubs in their community. The results indicate that a high%age of Memphians are in support of the CCV mission.
  • 63% of households polled say strip clubs should be held accountable to the strictest enforcement of the law.
  • 85% of Memphis citizens think that any advertising for sexually oriented businesses is harmful to the community.
  • 64% think newspapers should stop all advertising for sexually oriented businesses.
  • 76% are willing to vote for mayor or council candidates who would work to close down clubs who do not obey the law.
  • 67% of voters are more likely to vote for a mayor or council candidate who would work to make the sale of pornography illegal.