Education & Awareness - 2004 Highlights

  • CCV Memphis authored a strategy and participated in a national effort against a major clothing chain’s sexually charged advertising campaign directed toward pre teens and teens. The effort was so successful and the Corporation switched to a more family friendly approach to advertising.
  • CCV conducted an Education Awareness Program to alert our community that the costly campaign to bring the annual MTV Awards presentation would have a vegetative impact on the youth of our city.
  • CCV has worked with local agencies to prevent the opening of at least three new Adult Business and the closing or bringing into compliance several others.
  • CCV has worked to improve the adult zoning ordinances in our community including a new zone, Neighborhood Commercial, which excludes the sale of adult material. We also provided four additional communities with updated Adult Businesses Ordnances.
  • CCV continued to alert Parents of the relentless cultural battle that is being waged for Control of the moral values of our most precious asset our children.
  • CCV has partnered with other non-profit originations to assist in bringing a better standard of living back to our community.
  • CCV has worked diligently with City and County officials, law enforcement agencies, media outlets, code enforcement officials, concerned citizens, civic and church gropes to establish a voice within our community that cares about community and family values and are willing to achieve that goal.
  • CCV produced and distributed over 20,000 Family Values voters’ guides for the last election.
  • CCV will continue its battle to restore Community and family values to our community in 2006 one battle at a time with a renewed spirit and determination.