Porn Industry Thrives

Porn Industry Thrives While America’s Economy Suffers

By Carol Wiley
Director of Victim Assistance

September 11, 2001 is a day that is engraved on the minds and hearts of America. The enemy struck quickly and without warning killing or injuring close to seven thousand people. All who watched as New York and Washington were under siege experienced shock, heartbreak and fear. The personal impact of the barbaric act of attacking us in our own backyard and killing and maiming our friends and neighbors has affected all who live in this country and cherish the precious freedom and prosperity it offers. Also, the looming threat of biological warfare has resurfaced and the decline in America’s economy has accelerated.

Our economy was dipping before the fatal hits, but now it is in a nose-dive and people are talking recession as the government moves to help keep our commercial planes in the air and other major companies and industries are suffering financially. With all the talk of layoffs, unemployment, and falling stocks an amazing fact was brought to our attention at CCV. The one industry that is flourishing is the pornography industry. It was reported by Family News on WCRV Radio that when the owner of Rick’s Cabarets located in the Houston area was interviewed he reported that his business has not suffered at all. He stated that in 2000 his net profits were $180,000 and in the first nine months of 2001 he netted over $1,000,000. His businesses include several topless clubs and several adult websites. He stated that since September 11th he has had no decrease in his business.

Another report we received was that on the internet for three days after the attack on America the most visited websites were those with information about Bin Laden with sex-oriented sites dropping to number two. On the fourth day sex sites regained their number one rating.

In due time more stats will be forthcoming, but these two were enough to convince Citizens for Community Values that we were under siege before September 11th by an enemy that is destroying thousands and thousands of our fellow Americans on a consistent basis. The pornographers are subtle, silent, seductive killers that have no boundaries, no regard for human life, and no more scruples than the terrorists. They have been successfully involved in germ warfare for years and the disease is spreading while most Americans live oblivious to the attack until it strikes at home.

The patriotism that has resurrected since the destruction at the WTC and the Pentagon is long overdue as is the emphasis on God and prayer. Not many Americans are complacent at this point about the need to fight for the safety of our homeland. My prayer is that we will get just as serious about fighting for the safety of our children and families’ mental, emotional, and spiritual health by taking just as strong a stand against the pornography industry and its germ warfare.

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